Friday, October 1, 2010

Wearing My Son Through His Withdrawal

by Stacey Freeman

I am a mom of 5 and foster mom to 3, and huge fan of baby wearing!! My foster baby was dropped off at 10 days old extremely small, sick looking and going through withdrawal. At the same time he was arched backwards and impossible to hold he would just scream. After the first horrible night I went and dug through all by baby boxes in desperate need of my sling (he had been dropped off with only half hour notice, so I had no baby supplies handy. Honestly within 5 minutes he was asleep and content!! For the next 3 weeks he lived in that sling until the withdrawal symptoms had passed only coming out for diaper changes. I slept sitting up on the couch with him snuggled against my chest even.
I am adopting this baby now and he is the most precious happy little boy. I am SO thankful I had that sling!!


  1. Stacey,

    Your story touched me because I, too, slinged my foster son when he came home from hospital. He spent three weeks in hospital with a heart condition and sucking/swallowing issues and on morphine for withdrawl and I'd bring the sling to hospital. I'd wear a button down shirt and secretly unbutton a couple so he could be on my skin. I'd tuck the tubes inside with him and pull around the IV tower. He, too, was hypertonic so it was initially like wearing a wooden board in the sling. He, too, would come out for diaper changes, or I'd stick a prefold under his little bum bum and pull it out when he wet it. We, too, slept propped up. He had his first seizure in the sling and I was glad he wasn't alone sleeping somewhere because I had to do CPR. My baby just turned one! Thank you SO much for sharing your story! And congratulations on your adoption. You and he are very lucky.

  2. Wonderful story, congratulations!